How do you get people’s attention? Normally when you post in the header “Attention” people opt to listen.

As a martial artist and self defense expert the core values in general seems less important. Though social media plays a huge role in such a way. The negative criticism social media platforms allows for people to troll and bully people is doing more injustice to justice. The action is fueled by people who don’t care about the ethics, work and time it takes that goes into posting daily on social media. The attention is negative and rude!

I will not make excuses for those people who sit behind a monitor and trash people. Keyboard warriors!

People need to stand up and unwelcome this behavior. I understand haters does a profile and reputation good for business. Attention is the key, for what price?

Having access to the world through social media and you tube its a great tool. That’s it a tool. I see other martial artist and self defense videos all the time. And yes there are some I don’t agree with and wouldn’t buy into for obvious reasons. There were a time I would step up and say something. Why I am not knocking the keyboard warriors. A martial artist or self defense expert trashing another artist is disrespectful. I see more of it these days with many fighting styles competing to be superior. It is not the eastern philosophy of martial arts – nor anthropology of evolution.

Self defense has no origin in the traditional sense as martial arts. I correlate self defense with anthropology because its existence has been around since the beginning of life.