This is an on-going issue. The universities are offering mainly information webinar, packets, lectures or the like. There seem to be no preventive programs with self defense. Here is a piece of an article. I strongly believe if universities were to advertise and promote self defense awareness programs, I don’t […]

Sexual Assault New Paltz Campus

Avital Zeisler is an international self defense instructor. In my opinion Avital is a source of inspiration and an example of someone who has come from an terrible experience and raised from the ashes like a phoenix. After watching her TEDx talk and hearing her story and experience. I sincerely […]

Creating, Living & Protecting Life

When it comes to sexual assault and domestic violence on women there's no discrimination. I'm not excluding men. This update is about women fighting back. To learn more about Stealth Method's BootCampX - Tactical Personal Defense - Click here. Source - Elle Managzine.

Fighting Back