Psychology Self Defense 101:

Designed to progress from class to class, women’s psychology self defense 101 teaches the fundamentals of the stealth method and systema, promotes better health and mobility, that emphasizes the relationship between the two. Students will learn all aspects of unarmed hand-to-hand defense including a multitude of drills and ideas, ways to develop endurance, sensitivity, striking power, unique use of the body for defense and attack, and total control of any empty-hand attack with emphasis on breathing, continuity, economy of motion, and unpredictable moves. Strategic psychology based on everyone’s life experience and lessons.

Workshop Descriptions

Level I Series: The 2.5 – Hour Overview. 
This beginner workshop is a continuation from the introductory class held at Athleta fitness apparel store. If you’ve missed the introductory class, no worries. The first part of level 1 consists of deep exploration of the 4 main principles. Basic drills and exercises to stress the mind, body and psyche.

Level II Series: The 2.5 – Hour.
The level 2 workshop takes Level 1 another step further, allowing for a brief review, and introduction to slow work and strikes, and instruction for additional self-defense scenarios that deal with a variety of situational awareness aspects and multiple attackers. Plus drills to understanding and working through the freeze / Flight / Fight reality. The connection between the autonomic nervous and limbic system, our emotional center base – where fear, anger and memories are stored and our natural survival instincts. Level I is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Level III Series: The 2.5 – Hour The Path to Mastery. 
This workshop is about elevation. You will learn tools for self mastery that you can do solo and with partners. Increase self confidence and self esteem. Control your body, mind and psyche. Learn about common symptoms that impedes our function and productivity in life. This invaluable workshop would exceed your expectations of self defense, safety and most importantly, what your capable of and your very own potential. Rise above!

3 – Class Workshop Series (Paypal Transaction Fees Included)

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