Fighting without Fighting

















Parameters of Power.

What an interesting seminar it was!

I became more aware of this type of work after seeing Mikhail demonstrate it in Rome earlier this year. At the Parameters seminar, Vladimir brought me up and demonstrated how easy it was to make me unaware of my space. Someone mentioned that he tricked me three times, I answered no, he just taught us an awesome lesson on awareness, how to keep our surroundings in mind always.

Vladimir said to always see the full person. Anyone can hit, but escaping without contact is much more challenging.

Fighting without fighting is Supreme work. In Mikhail words, a professional is never aggressive or stands out.

Some of my training partners did not understand what Vladimir meant by ‘finding emptiness in yourself, outside of yourself, inside your opponent, and outside of him’. I’d like to share my understanding of these concepts. I had my partner punch me a few times, then with my breathwork, I removed my stomach from the line of fire. He was shocked that my stomach was no longer in range but I was still standing on the same spot (this was finding space within myself to escape). I also explained that maybe Systema is like karma, what you give is what you get.

Next, I was punched but at the same time I escaped and gave it back, the surprize on my opponent’s face was profound. When Vladimir said you had to find the person, I believe it is when you feel the tipping point of the person. Vladimir also spoke about softness and speed. An exact demo of this is in the training video Movement and Precision, there you would see smooth and continuous movement with surgical precision. These moves create calm and devastating results of a professional.

We are truly blessed to have this type of work taught to us and should embrace it in every form, seeing ten grown men pushing on Vladimir and then like magic with complete ease he moves all of them, without the appearance of fighting.

I was able to escape without contact and put my training partner down with one finger. When asked how did you do that, well I said this is the Parameters of Power. It appeared that if participants tried to see how best and hard they can strike, this consumed them and they were actually blind to anything else. Most of us sit there with our mouths open and watch Vladimir and Mikhail in amazement and wonder how did they do this or that. Well, this subtle work is the road map to that success. – Jose Rodulfo

The article originally was shared by Systema HQ, Toronto.