Movement Is Defense Workshop

Movement is Defense – 3 Module Series

People seek self defense for a solution because they are scared. Actually, fear is the root of the whole problem. Usually, we have only the perspective of the potential victim’s fear. But fear is on the other side too, the attacker is scared as well.

Movement is defense. It is that simple. But not any kind of movement. Nervous, angry, aggressive or broken movement will give out your tension. That will either provoke the attack or raise attacker’s awareness and make him more dangerous. Natural movement which is fluid and inconspicuous is the best ally.

– Who is a good warrior? One who is, above all, healthy, both in body and in spirit, – says Valerie Vasiliev,

Module Dates: Dec 3rd ❘ Dec 5th ❘ Dec 7th❘ Dec 10th (Bonus Class).

Time:  Both Sundays (Dec 3rd & 10th) 12pm – 1:30pm ❘ (Dec 5th & 7th) 7p – 8:30p.

Location: Alchemical Studios 14th St or / 440 Studios Lafayette St.

3 Module Series Cost: $120.00 – $135.00 (No Refunds).

Learn about fear and its psychological purpose. You will practice how to equalize fear and be productive while controlling your stress and anxiety.

Situational awareness, fear and stress workload drills, core exercises, safety applications, and much more.

Added bonus: Dec 10th Class on theory, and self awareness of colds, influenza, and learning there purpose and not to worry and stress.

Note: Registration is due by November 22nd. If cancelled by the studio or host a full refund will be reimbursed. A paypal account is not needed. Credit card or debit card accepted.

The 3 – part workshop $123.00 (Including Paypal Transaction Fees).