Screening Instructors

Screening Instructors!

Screening potential members, students and instructors are essential. It’s imperative to screen anyone that you will have any business dealings with nowadays. Obvious reason say so! Misjudging someone can be a tragic when all is said and done.

Socialization is different nowadays on a larger scale. Meaning nationally and internationally. Screening people should be mandatory in every business. The reason for my rant on this particular topic is simple. I see more and more people behave and do strange shit. Back in the day when I was a young gun running around the streets and misbehaving. There were a few incidents where one of my friends if not all of us would get into trouble. The final analysis would be their diagnoses. That topic was like taboo. We never talked about it!

Since the millennia doctors are quick to prescribe medication. I don’t know what change rapidly during the last 10 years. My theory is people are less concern with communication organically where sitting behind a screen is the best. Perhaps a form of laziness. Easier to fall into a comfort zone – and be whoever you want to be with whomever your like.

The above is my theory and belief alone. The reason for my blog rant today I believe everyone ought to know when your hiring someone you ought to do some investigative work. You may thank me later!

The next time you take a martial art or self defense class. Do a screening on the instructor. It’s ok to let him or her know. Most important view a class or two and make your own assessment.