When Self Defense is Appropriate

When self defense is appropriate!

Self defense is appropriate when there is no other option. I say that to say! As a self defense expert you may have to engage or disengage in a fighting situation. There is a offense aspect. 95% of your time is learning about yourself, your weaknesses, your strengths and most importantly nature.

Then there is your convictions. That invisible line, once passed no turning back. What do I mean by invisible line?

Some people learn martial arts and train there whole lives and never fight. Then there are those who have fought and experienced what its like to be in a fighting situation. The invisible line is that conscious and moral state and consequences for your actions. As either a martial artist or self defense expert it is your responsibility to adhere to the laws of nature.

You’re convictions change as you get older and wiser. That is the purpose of martial arts. Most self defense experts has a background in traditional martial arts. A background are principles other than your cultural foundation. I’ve realized having experienced and learned the wellness and health aspect of Eastern arts has benefited me in a way otherwise would not have been possible.

There is never any reason to hit first unless the threat is imminent and without retreat. Boundaries can be interpreted as space, comfort zone, parameter, etc.