Self Defense Fitness

Self Defense Fitness!

There are many useful aspects to self defense training nowadays. More so than ever! What do I mean by Self Defense Fitness? If you have zero experience in either self defense training or martial arts than the explanation is relatively easy. Every traditional martial art has a fitness component. It’s important to be physically fit in order to learn the art in its entirely.  Self defense fitness is what is says. The fitness component is primarily the central theme. Kickboxing for example is taught as a cardio workout that conditions the body and teaches the individual the principles of self defense. Billy Blanks created the Tae Bo workout. He used components of martial arts and Boxing. Tae Bo is a world class workout, there is a self defense component that blends well with fitness.

Including fitness into your daily routine is more beneficial than you can imagine. Studying a self defense discipline regularly can be a stand alone with an added bonus of getting fit.

We took the best concepts and principles from various arts based from the needs of our students and created an umbrella for multiple modules for self defense. Our flagship program is our women’s self defense module 101. It’s pretty much straight forward. In other words we use core exercises to address different aspects of the body and mind. The aim is to give tools to our ladies that would condition and teach them how to protect themselves.