Skill Alone Is Not Enough

Skill alone is not enough!

Skill alone is not enough that is what’s up! The rule applies to everything! The algorithm for self mastery is continuous work. No matter what. There are no defaults!

The relativism to skills, martial art and self defense is all conducive to my topic. Skill is part of the equation. Though much more is necessary to complete the pie, per-say.

“”Repetition is the mother of skill.” – Jim Rohn

As you can see, Jim Rohn is sharing a partial ingredient. There was a time I would have been content with the simplicity and sounding of Jim’s quote.

I have first took an interest in martial arts back in 1979. It wasn’t till 1980 my mom allowed me to join a karate school held in our local community center. Do you remember being a kid and watching martial art movies ( You may be too young to remember the Saturday classics – Kung Fu), kicking and all that you saw. Not realizing there was more to it? Well, I remember going to high school and a really good friend of mines took karate at a reputable school and supposedly he was good. I remember he got into a fight with another teen and frizzed. Everybody watched as if waiting the Bruce Lee kick. Nada (No), he did the opposite. The guy kicked him. Now from what I remember my friend was skilled enough to defend himself. Skill alone is not enough.

We cover this much more in detail in our workshops. Self Defense 2.0