Skim Reading Tutorial

Before you start, ask yourself these three questions:


  1. Why do you I need to read this?
  2. Exactly what information do I have to obtain?
  3. What do I currently know about the topic.


The first question gives you motivation and momentum and sets your priorities. We as humans  naturally avoid unnecessary work. The majority of people tends to burn more energy on needless tasks. You have to give your mind A REASON to work and hustle. That’s why a good idea would be to write the reasons down on a piece of paper or say it aloud. The second question enables you to focus EXACTLY on what you need to focus on right now. The third question allows you to skip the parts of the material you may be already familiar with, makes both your selection and skimming more accurate. So many times I spent countless hours on reading material or a book without asking myself these three crucial questions just to find out later how much time had I lost without really learning anything at all, or reading things that I already knew. In hindsight most of what I read was not remembered. Mainly because the kind of books I read for one. The other thing was the brain a process a lot at any given time, and stored. The problem is uploading (persay) what you need at the moment its useful. If if has not been benchmarked ( I like to think of it) at the time it was downloaded (reading & retention), most of it goes into permanent memory. 

My suggestion is to purchase, borrow or browse a book whom title not only appeals to you, but a title that you feel has information pertaining to what you need to know (as per the questions above).