Striking with Fear

Striking with fear!

Striking with fear is often misunderstood. What exactly does it mean to strike with fear? Well, there is flight or fight response. More on this topic in my upcoming handbook.

Fear lives within every living being. Simple! This post is not one of those “Conquer your fear” kind of pep-talk. Fear is an instinctual mechanism install inside all of us. Fear gives all of us the needed power and energy to either fight off or run as in flight.

Striking with fear. What if I have no fear to strike? Well, a lot of people have no fear to strike anyone. Does not mean they have no fear or conquered their fear. Fear can produce tension in the body if obstructed and goes beyond its purpose. Than your talking about a different kind of response to fear that falls under Anxiety. Again, there will be talk on this topic as well in my handbook.

Most times striking with fear has consequences. What are those consequences? For one recoil. Recoil is when you hit something (usually not people) and the impact is hard and unexpected and you experience a severe abruption in your tendons and muscle that often leads to a break. Another way to explain it. You hit something hard enough, than you experience in uncomfortable feeling in your whole arm and spine. Sometimes the head as well. Usually that is from hitting a hard surface or sometimes a hard body with tension and aggression.

Fear not properly understood can cause obstructions in the body and mind. To hit without fear you need to first understand fear and realize its not an enemy. Second, you than need to learn about tension by experiencing it. Three, learn and practice proper breathing techniques on how to dissipate tension in the body.

I taught a few weeks at a friends studio one aspect of a fist. It was a light fist. I learned it in Paris as pillow fist. I’ve since developed a way to use it as well as teach where people understand it in conjunction to what move and application I am teaching.

One way to understand is to imagine holding a egg in your fist while hitting something! Not an easy task, huh? Well, if you imagine throughly than do it, you will be amaze how successful you will be and not to mentioned develop the light fist.

Putting it together now. Understanding fear, tension and how to dissipate it, thus work inside a relaxed body. Then use the light fist approach to strike someone (minus a pad, or target) and you will experience what it is like to strike with little to no fear (bottled fear).

At any one of our workshops: Stealth Method Module 101 or 2.0 striking with little to no tension is on every menu per-say in our workshops.