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Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset for self defense? Having a entrepreneurial mindset in regards to studying self defense. When something comes at you, you don’t just push back against it. You can see everything that comes at you as an opportunity. Faced with a challenge, you ask, ’how can […]

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Vlog 6
Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my vlog / blog and website. I’m humbly grateful. Please follow the links on the video to follow and like us. It’s a great time to follow. We promise to put out great content, techniques and solutions to common problems in life. Thanks again, […]

Personal Defense Psychology Vlog #6

Vlog 4
Hi Everyone! It has been a awesome experience thus far. A major shift in my professional and personal life. What does it mean? Well, does it really matter! Nah! This vlog is about “Early riser catches the first worm”. This topic came to me at 5am while I was getting […]

Early Riser Catches First Worm VlogX #2

Rise and Grind, Hi, everyone. Hope this day finds you well. It’s a bitch discipling oneself to write especially when some news is not anxious to see the light of expression. Though everyday there’s content if you know where, how to look. Comes back to discipling oneself to do a […]


Hello everyone, I sincerely love to share knowledge and my expertise with you all. Sometimes content comes while showering, and others times when I’m not concentrating on anything in particular. In actuality its when the mind is at rest while inspiration and innovation is at its peak. How about you, […]

Group Training

Last night’s Boot CampX was right on in terms of accomplishment. We offered a combination of fitness working out, self defense tactical applications, while adding value. I’ve been involved with some kind of exercising or activities my whole life. Traveled the far east and Europe to learn and experience different […]


Happy Memorial Day, Big shout out to those who serves and continue to risk themselves for the US armed forces. Last night I had the privilege to watch 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi with my sister. Ironically it was not planned. I mean on memorial weekend. Had my […]

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