quadrupedal freedom

Confrontation! Confrontation is uncomfortable, sometimes necessary. There are many examples to describe confrontation in general. I would like to share common perspectives, and a few experiences of confrontation. Anything or anyone that is confrontational poses a threat physiologically and psychologically. So, what I would like to focus on is a […]


Stand on the shoulders of giants. This quote has a profound meaning. Standing on the shoulders of a giant gives me clarity, confidence and confirmation to move forward. There are many lessons to be learned. Please the following article. Food for thought!   Stand on the shoulders of giants.  I […]

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Vlog 6
Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my vlog / blog and website. I’m humbly grateful. Please follow the links on the video to follow and like us. It’s a great time to follow. We promise to put out great content, techniques and solutions to common problems in life. Thanks again, […]

Personal Defense Psychology Vlog #6

Vlog 4
Hi Everyone! It has been a awesome experience thus far. A major shift in my professional and personal life. What does it mean? Well, does it really matter! Nah! This vlog is about “Early riser catches the first worm”. This topic came to me at 5am while I was getting […]

Early Riser Catches First Worm VlogX #2

Wow! How cool is that? Four “T’s” (Time, Tells, The, Truth). May not mean anything, may mean everything. Who knows! The point being its cool and appeals to the curious eye. Such as mines! LOL I’ve had many impatient experiences as well as have been patient in many instances. However, […]

Time Tells The Truth