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“It’s inevitable: We’re going to find ourselves in some real shit situations, whether they’re costly mistakes, unexpected failures or unscrupulous enemies. Stoicism is, at its core, accepting and anticipating this in advance, so that you don’t freak out, react emotionally and aggravate things further. Train our minds, consider the worst-case […]


  Attention Ladies – Interested in becoming a Human Billboard?  If this appeals to you, and you’re interested in getting in shape. Than you ought to get in touch with me. We’re offering a FREE 6 class bootcamp experience. Each session is 45 minutes – which consists of stretching, performing […]

Bootcamp Benefits

Hi All, Thank you all who is reading our blog. We’re working tirelessly to update often, and deliver exactly content. The topic of this blog is “Change”. As you all know, change is or has become an understatement. I say this to say, many people want change and even perpetuate […]


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Happy 2016, I’ve decided to title this blog entry the “Good Life”. Well, not exactly. There’s the push up portion. Don’t complain. It’s the lizard push up strengthening exercise. Have to admit it was not uninteresting as I can imagine with some other exercises. Actually it was a pleasant experience. […]

Lizard Push up – Good Life

Hello Dear Friends! It’s great to be back updating the blog. I started blogging back in 2004 a martial arts style and philosophy. Eventually it became a book. Yes, I created a book from it. Todays topic is about my experience with squatting. There’s no point in writting a full blog. […]

Basic Squatting – Resting Position