Testimonies – What people Are Saying About Our Self Defense Training.

“I trained with Anthony Lucas over the years and always learn many great skills in movement and flow. Recently I have been training with Anthony in his Animal Stealth workout program and noticed an improvement in my balance, posture, and faster recovery. Natural movement is a great workout to build functional strength and core. I recommend taking a class with Anthony Lucas and see for yourself”. – AK

“I don’t feel like I was able to execute the self defense moves but I feel more confident with what kind of the mental capacity to be in & taking advantage of certain motion / space whether standing or on the floor,  conserving energy, breathing, relaxing & moving instead of struggling through something. Although I’m physically small, I feel with the right knowledge size might not matter – which makes me feel more confident as a small person. Much more power in breath & relaxation than I thought. In conclusion, the overall result that I learned is the importance of continuing to know yourself – physically, mentally, spiritually & that martial arts is a practice & lifestyle”.   – MT

“I have attended Mr. Anthony Lucas’ Boot Camps appropriately titled The Stealth Method Boot Camp based on the many years that span countries and years in his pursuit of teaching and helping people reach their full potential. Mr. Lucas displays methods in improving and protecting oneself with the least amount of effort with such aesthetics, culture and ethics of the many methods of martial arts that he teaches. I always liked Martial Arts & Fitness training but now I can say I love Martial Arts & Fitness Training – why because Mr. Lucas teaches in a style that is fun and with an assortment of ready to use techniques. I was just telling a family member how effortlessly he teaches and demonstrates his moves with such a artful and dancelike fashion – he is always in action! And he is the type of master I would like to spend as much time around as possible! Especially on a daily basis”. – SR

“What did I learn from Master Anthony Lucas today at our Martial Arts Class – that Success comes from not having fear to Fail and Fear is total fear – and that to just to go through the process is the first step to get it to become yours and to move through it seamless.” – Sal R.

Anthony Lucas is such a great instructor! This combat class was amazing last week thanks to Sal for inviting me. I will be starting lessons again for combat fighting and yoga with this great instructor. FYI this class is great for performers too….. It keeps you focused. I might not look it but I’m a tough girl. – Ronda

Mr. Lucas, I definitely took something from the presentation. I learned a new self-defense technique and I always valued the importance of being able to defend myself. – Cassita

Good morning Sir Anthony Stealth Method Training was great learning how bypassing an opponent’s conscious mind going into their sub- conscious mind and controlling the situation have them complying and knowing why is a greater skill to develop in conflict resolution.Thank for sharing and giving me another option to resolve a confrontation. – Folks

I have watched Anthony for years, and seen the development of the Stealth method. Now it is a Unique experience of mind, body and spiritual growth, where you can find something for every one. You will learn something and be able put to use on the way home to protect yourself and, your love ones. As a amateur or a high level practitioner and if you have the opportunity to train with him it’s something I would take advantage of now. Much appreciated! – Larry

I had an initial training with Anthony today. It was not at all what I thought it would be. The training was a common sense training. Yes, you must practice. How many times? 10,000. Why? So that it can become common sense. He noted that training for women is different than for men. Physically men are stronger, my words not his, and women multi-task, his words, so they are more adaptable. We have to be and the way in which he, Anthony, teaches self defense, it can be modified to any body type. Thanks, Anthony. – Vee. H.