Time Tells The Truth


How cool is that? Four “T’s” (Time, Tells, The, Truth). May not mean anything, may mean everything. Who knows! The point being its cool and appeals to the curious eye. Such as mines! LOL

I’ve had many impatient experiences as well as have been patient in many instances. However, this blog post is about patience and humility.

“Patience allows us to see many things. As time elapses, we receive various indicators as to how to navigate the myriad of realms in our lives. This includes business, dating, friendships, and relationships just to name a few. When we learn how to love and embrace time, we also learn how to listen and we begin to understand how time tells us the truth. Time tells us what we deserve. We must respect it and keep it on our side. Time must not be taken for granted. When we’re patient, humble, and attentive, we position ourselves to receive what is true for us at a time when it can have the greatest impact on our lives”

The above paragraph is from a blog of someone else I grabbed to illustrate my point on patience. I think its cut and dry, and explains what I want to convey. Why did I chose this topic?

Every hear the cliche – “Time heals everything”, or “Time heals all wounds”? I imagine the two, probably from many sayings generally is about love, relationship, or unfortunate being hurt. For me it defines a psychic road map to follow. If you stop and think about it, time is bigger than what you’ll normally imagine, right? To be honest I’d be the first to admit, it exists more for me than I had imagine, or even thought day by day. Example, right now I have to get ready to run an errand, which means this blog post update will have to be put on hold till I return. The downside is the possibility of my momentum or enthusiasm dwindles. Here’s a tip; To respect time, and accept the truth of what it reveals to me, one thing for sure is either it will be here when I return (highly doubt), or it will not. In either case I’m okay with it, because the truth would be told at that very moment. When I stop and acknowledge!

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