Women Self Defense Class


Women are special and smart. They deserve to be treated with honored!

In present days, it is real alarming that the crime rate against women has increased drastically. For instance, at the street level, women have been devalued in today’s society. A woman is raped every 30 seconds in the States and domestic violence is increasing day by day. This is why Women’s self-defense is very important.

The importance of enrolling for women self defense classes can never be ruled out. Our class helps you to get an edge against assault, other attacks; makes you become less of a victim but empowered! – We teach you all you should know about self defense- the first line of protection is common sense and the last is never give up!


Here are some of the importance things you will learn in our Classes

  • How to properly react to being attacked
  • Recognize when you are being tested and break away immediately.
  • Deciding when and how to take the first available opening when faced with an attacker
  • The vulnerable regions to attack- For instance, in a case of rape, an offender’s groin or face will likely be in your strike zone at a point.
  • Never give a chance or allow yourself to be tied up.
  • Never give up- Another opening or chance may present itself.


If you want to learn about women self defense techniques, Join our women self defense class as an ideal solution to know many of the important things for your personal safety.